Thanks so much for your patients, knowledgeable and professional service! Donít hesitate to use us as a referral!


Teri and Jeff Adams

We bought four properties as an investment (about 18 acres total) from Sean Wilson about 3 years ago, and he was very professional and easy to work with. Just last week my husband and I decided to go walk through all four properties with my son to see how they're doing and maybe stake out a housing pad or two, but we couldn't remember how to get to three of the four! Sean was more than happy to send over driving directions, maps and pull up GPS coordinates for us as well....within hours of my request though I didn't need the directions for a week or two. Then we found ourselves fretting over the wording in one of the legal descriptions, so Sean had the title company send over an additional parcel map to clear up the confusion, again within hours of our request, though we bought them three years ago. This is a realtor for life. Mike and Linda Ost
Dunsmuir, CA



I have done business with Sean Wilson on the buying and selling end of property. I canít say enough good about him and the way he conducts business. He has been a great resource many times and I have never felt rushed, like he didnít have time for me because my call was not about buying or selling property.

I recently found myself in another State trying to do my taxes and had forgot some information I needed in regards to a sale of some property. I called Sean (what is great is he always remembers me) and wow, did he ever help me out. He went up and beyond the call of service for me and I appreciate that. It was a year later!

Seanís honest approach has always left me with a feeling that I just called a friend and not a business man.

I highly recommended Wilson Realty and that man behind it.

Jeanette Taylor


You are the absolute best! Because of you it was all a simple, no hassel, good experience. Thank YOU! for all, and don't be surprised when I give you a call for further bigger and better investments!


Gayle C.


I will also tell you that we appreciate the feedback and the sales of properties you have provided us over the past years.


Tom P.



Working with you was an absolute pleasure, it felt like we were doing business with a friend. Thank you for all your patience, help and hand holding. We will always return to you whenever the need arises for another wonderful real estate experience. You Rock! Jay and Bonnie



My wife and I have used Sean's services 3 different times, twice buying
and once selling . I would say that our purchases went pretty smoothly.
our property that Sean helped us sell was rather remote, and Sean was
very honest about trying to not give us any false hopes about our asking
price or how many prospective buyers might be intested. when a
prospective buyer showed some intrest in the property, Sean asked for my
help showing the buyer around since I knew my property so much better. I
feel that Seans willingness to ask for my cooperation/help, rather than
simply giving the buyer a map, or trying to inadiquatly show the
property, made all the difference in making the sale. I would use his
services again should the need come up, and would highly recomend him to
anyone, Kellem and Jessica.